The leaf..


It was just another morning and while enjoying my tea time with myself, the cool breeze from my window got this leaf from my balcony garden. First I ignored it but soon I realised how beautiful it was. An interesting shape, with amazing colours and so much details .I just took it in my hands and watched it closely. It was indeed a very beautiful leaf.

“How beautiful the leaves grow old. How full of light and colour are their last days.”
John Burroughs

Being curious, I located the plant from which it had fallen. So many leaves were ready for their detachment while new ones were on their way to replace the old ones. Life was taking rebirth with its own innocent smile. And all of sudden I felt that these leaves were giving us the message of a new beginning. For a moment I  lost myself in my thoughts. I read somewhere that whenever we believe that everything is finished, its a new start. Isn’t it surprising the way nature teaches us the lessons of life. It tells us to have patience and make space for the new ones. Everything will fall in place eventually.

Sometimes we feel that we know the path we wish to travel on. But nature knows better and it takes us in the direction which is meant for us. We feel sad, as the change is not always welcome but we get to know the reason for the change with the time and appreciate it. Quite often there is a new found belief in this change.

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

I could see my life so far in that dry leaf. I looked at that leaf and smiled. I don’t see any end in falling leaves, rather I see a hope for a new life. A dry leaf tells us the complete story of life, from birth to it’s fall. For me its like setting goals, giving them shape, and achieving them. In our one lifetime, we set many goals, one after the other, like leaves. Once a goal is achieved, new one comes in shape like a new leaf. Its all about the perception. So, new leaves and new goals were waiting for me. I took a sip of my tea and it tasted even more reviving and refreshing. I said thanks to the leaf for helping me in exploring a new me. I had forgotten my goals and it was time to achieve them. A leaf with no life revived all the dimensions of my life. Life never fails to amaze you. Waiting for more surprises!!


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