Shaping up the life..

Another week is coming to an end. So many plans incorporated, so many thoughts took shape. A new wish took birth, a new leaf came into existence.

Feeling positive about the changes, I have brought in my life. Reinventing my hibernating hobbies was a bliss. Holding a brush  in my hands and feeling the power of expression once again was so wonderful.

This time it was something new, “the clay modelling.”

Being an impatient person since my childhood, I always lacked diligence. Its very difficult for me to hold myself against time. Like, water colour was a taboo for me always. It needs a lot of patience so I used to paint my canvases with oil colours and never dared to use water colours.

So, having indulged in canvases it had never occurred to me to play with mud. I was reading a book and the lead in that book was a potter. I got so influenced (thanks to the writer) and immediately I called up one of the pottery classes and  attended one day workshop.


It was so out of world feeling to hold  clay in my hands and giving it a shape of my choice. Don’t  we want to do the same with our lives? I just wish it was as simple.

Holding clay in my hands, made me a mother again. Giving shape and life to a lump of mud was so speechless feeling. It was like living life again and again. Getting my hands dirty hands with mud was so therapeutic and refreshing. I felt like coming back to my soul. It was so me.


The same Sun that melts butter, hardens clay!-Bill Vaughan

I loved exploring this new me. Life takes you on the path where everyday you meet a new person in yourself. You bring out the best in you, your hidden strengths, unexplored powers, the untold love for yourself. I just saw those shapeless creations of mine,  very soon I would start giving shapes to them, I knew.  In that moment, I was smiling, as I had found a new Seema and this time not to lose her again.

Learning to love life!! 🙂

6 Replies to “Shaping up the life..”

  1. Very well written. God is inside within: Freedom, Creation, Ultimate Truth, Love, Pleasue, Desire ALL is within self, need to activate the switch. This is the game of Mind and Soul.

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  2. Jab andhakaar sa bhitar ho,
    Ujala tamas se kamkar ho,
    Baki srijan ki bane aas,
    Jo rango ki tulika rahe paas.

    Jab kaam naya sa bhata ho,
    Kuch nutan ban jaata ho,,
    Jeevan ki nikale nav kopal,
    Rahe vishwas, achal atal.

    Keep on fighting negativity with creativity. It is only sure shot cure of negativity. Just go on creating new. As a creator you touch the status of God.

    Have nice time.


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