The Learnings..


I always feel, life is a continuous process of learning. The moment we feel being masters, some strange situation comes to make us realise how novice we are.

Plants are my weakness and Mumbai being a space constraint city I need to depend on new methods of gardening. I had to develop my window garden with the help of foliage indoor plants. No direct sun hence no flowers  and that was an obvious constrain.


Recently while searching for something on internet, I came across this idea of closed terrarium. That was really an amazingly superb concept! Everything is there but in a closed equilibrium. Exactly the way it is in current lockdown scenario.

It recycles water, air within the given surroundings. No need to water them and keep the in the direct sun. a perfect set up for a Mumbai home.

I started working on these terrarium It was a new found love for me. So sufficient, so independent. With these plants and settings, I was able to discover a new me. Life has a different meaning for us when we start discovering ourselves.

So here I am, with my new found love, my plants. Every single new leaf gives me so much energy and makes my day. Swaying creepers teach a new song everyday and tell me that each day is a new day with new opportunities, new goals and new promises.

Up grows your shoot
Down grows your root

Read it somewhere and now I realise how appropriate it is. So many things plants make us feel and learn.

15 Replies to “The Learnings..”

  1. I was able to discover a new me. Life has a different meaning for us when we start discovering ourselves.

    So motivational lines 🙏🙏🙏

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  2. सब बोलें यही वो अंदर है,
    मत देख उसे जो बाहर है,
    समझा समझा के हार गया,
    दिल वो मांगे जो सुन्दर है.
    क्या इतनी हरियाली होगी वहाँ,
    बदरी ये काली होगी वहाँ,
    रंगों की जाली होगी वहाँ
    फूलोँ की लाली होगी वहाँ,
    माना कुछ नहीं रखा है,
    पर जो दिखता है वो अच्छा है,
    जो अंदर है वही रमता है,
    अब रसिया हो गया बाहर का,
    मैं क्या जानूँ क्या भीतर है.

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  3. Beautiful Seema! I am impressed with your writing skills as well as how you correlate terrarium with lockdown scenario! Great job! Keep it up!


  4. Enjoyed quality blogging after a while ! Interesting captions with good frames .. Impressed with your writing skills and creativity ! Hope to see more ideas flow from mind to the pen 😀

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